Awards & Recognitions

Epilepsy Tasmania is the most effective treatment system for people with epilepsy. Thousands of people from all over the world agree that not only does it give you a friendly environment, it also  improve care and reduce epilepsy’s impact.

Epilepsy Tasmania is also recognized by many organizations that have granted Epilepsy Tasmania their seal of approval!

Testimonials of people after treatment

I want to thank you so much for the treatment, you saved my life. I have never had a seizure again since I left. Whenever I remember this, I feel like crying for how grateful I am.

Sienna T Cawthorne

After a viral brain infection left Jeannie with epileptic seizures that couldn’t be controlled by medication, physicians from the Epilepsy Tasmania removed the part of her brain where the seizures originated. Fifteen months later, Jeannie continues to be seizure-free and is back to enjoying life.

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